Press publications prepared by Legal Advisor Bartosz Frączyk have been published for years in the professional press, mainly by Gazeta Prawna e-Journal in its "The Expert Explains? section. Selected publications are available below.

What actions does the insurer undertake after repairing damage
Can municipal councillors publish in the local government press
Counties can claim subsidy from the state
On what terms can a commune appeal against owners' resolutions
The bailiff is responsible for errors made in the course of enforcement procedure
Can a legal advisor make a declaration on behalf of a commune
The Provincial Administrative Court in Białystok on the construction process
How to carry out a tender procedure
Which actions by local governments can be considered corrupt
How is the activity of municipal companies monitored
Five questions to Legal Advisor Bartosz Frączyk
When can I submit a cassation appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court
Should civil servants apply European law when considering cases
How to arrange a tender procedure for public utility services
Who may represent a party in proceedings before public administration authorities
How to hold a referendum in more than one commune
How to organize a tender procedure for transport services
Three questions to Legal Advisor Bartosz Frączyk
A temporary arrested mayor should not perform duties from behind prison walls
How to organize a medical services tender procedure for employees of a commune
What is entailed by the solutions adopted in the Competence Act
Who is responsible for an accident which took place on school grounds
Inheritance rights of a commune
How to apply for relief from legal expenses
How to delegate tasks to communal entities
Changes to the Code of Administrative Procedure are vital
When is it possible to resume administrative court proceedings
What are the consequences of appealing against decisions
How to carry out a tender procedure for the supply of electricity
What is the procedure for giving opinions on acts of local law
Legal advisers have broader possibilities for employment
To what extent is a commune responsible for damage arising during events
What are the rights of local government units in criminal proceedings
What is a commune's responsibility for rented property
What principles are applicable in the case of public procurement for sport facilities
What principles should a commune follow so as not to violate principles of competition
How to submit an appeal against a substitute ruling to the administrative court
The Supreme Court on seizure of a shareholder's shares
The Supreme Court on pursuing claims arising from promissory notes


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