Legal service for homeowners` associations

The Law Office of Legal Advisor Bartosz Frączyk is one of the first law firms specializing in providing comprehensive service for homeowners` associations.

We have extensive, rich experience operating in the Cracow, Zakopane and Warsaw areas. We provide advice to members and management boards of homeowners` associations in complicated problems concerning real estate, and we represent these entities in court proceedings. The Law Office helps to organize and conduct homeowners` associate meetings, as well as advising on and preparing draft resolutions.

Our comprehensive legal support for homeowners` associations includes:

  • legal services for ongoing matters of homeowners` associations
  • conducting homeowners` association meetings
  • representation at homeowners` association meetings
  • preparation of draft resolutions, articles of association, regulations and contracts
  • appeals against resolutions of homeowners` associations
  • pursuing claims related to default or improper performance of contracts
  • conducting court and administrative proceedings related to the Premises Ownership Act
  • enforcement of receivables by homeowners` associations
  • collection of receivables for homeowners` associations
  • enforcement of receivables from developers
  • seeking claims related to building defects
  • real estate regulations

as well as other legal advice for homeowners` associations.


We are perfectly aware that when solving legal problems it is not only knowledge that counts, but also extensive experience in specific areas of law. The professional manner in which we conduct our activity is confirmed by letters of recommendation received from our clients.

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